Trump: Missing Government Records To Mar-A-Lago: Donald Trump’S Legal Troubles

There Are Missing Government Records To Maralago

The Fbi Raided Donald Trumps Florida Estate In Search Of Evidence That The Businessman Destroyed White House Records

The Former President Is Being Looked Into For His Role In The Capitol Attack

The National Archives And Records Administration Says It Recovered 15 Boxes Of Missing White House Documents

President Trump Told Georgias Secretary Of State To Find The Votes To Overturn Bidens Victory In The Presidential Race

The Panel Is Trying To Prove That Trump Was Involved In The Storming Of The Capitol Building

New York Real Estate Trump As Well As His Daughter And Soninlaw Are The Subject Of A Civil Investigation By The New York Attorney General

After Trump Accused Her Of Making Up Assault Allegations She Is Suing Him For Defamation

There Are Allegations That Trump Raised 250 Million Under False Pretenses In Order To Further His Claims That He Won The Election